Why 3G LTE?


Market Trends
  • The trend of the market is an increase and an acceleration of the data
    mobile traffic in the next years.
  • This has been possible thanks to the introduction of:
  • ->EV-DO with CDMA2000
  • ->HSDPA and HSUPA with WCDMA
  • Mobile phone user population is estimated to increase to 4 billion by 2011.
  • Fixed Broadband application, massively adopted, can be exported to the mobile environment.
  • The millennial generation will spread in the next years their “early adopters” way of life.
  • The richer ecosystem of devices allows one to be connected all the time: PDA, laptop, mobile phone, USB device
With the recent introduction of HSDPA and EV-DO Rev A, there has been a significant increase in mobile data
traffic, with some operators quadrupling their Packet Switched traffic in one year. At this growth rate, and
with the proliferation of new applications on the network, cells in hot pots will be quickly saturated and the
network will require densification in these overloaded areas. This can be delivered by using a higher capacity
solution such as LTE. Mobile traffic growth is illustrated on this slide: mobile data traffic (in Gigabits per
year), with a typical operator in a western country with a 60 million population.