Forward Link Channels
•Pilot Channel (F-PICH) - Similar to the downlink pilot channel in IS-95, it is used at the
mobile to provide continuous time and phase reference. Each base station transmits the short
PN code using Walsh code W0  over the pilot channel with a unique base station timing offset.
•Sync Channel (F-SYNC) - In addition to providing system timing and network identification,
the sync channel identifies the state of the long PN code so that the generation of the long PN code in the mobile is synchronized with the generation of the long PN code at the base station.
•Paging Channel (F-PCH) - Provides notification of incoming calls to idle mobiles. In addition, the paging channel may be used to broadcast messages.
•Fundamental Channel (F-FCH) - For low data rates and voice calls that operate in the same
way as 2G traffic channels for backwards capability. Channel carries message and control data.
Some of the additional channels that are introduced in IS-2000 are:
•Supplemental Channel (F-SCH)* - For high data rate transmission, such as multimedia.
Channel carries user data only and must be transmitted with either the fundamental channel
and/or dedicated control channel.
•Dedicated Control Channel (F-DCCH) - For transmitting control data to individual users on
the SCH. The control data includes signaling for soft handoff, power control, and MAC protocol.
•Common Control Channel (F-CCCH) - For broadcasting control data and messages to all
mobiles within the service area
•Quick Paging Channel (F-QPCH)* - For extending the battery life of the mobile.